Oh the joys of The Street shopping village at Punchestown Racing Festival. So I’m not a girl to be put off by a bit of bad weather, and it certainly gave us Irish a great deal to talk about but the last few years at Punchestown were quite special on the weather front. So when this year we were told we would have this great fully covered shopping village I was very enthusiastic! It was a great festival on all fronts and I didn’t have to trap anyone in my marquee during a flash hail storm (although that did get me a sale one year but not a sales tactic to be repeated!!). On that topic I really don’t have any sales tactics, I like to think my work could speak for itself and I can also be myself. That really is what you get, my smile comes when I can see someone gets it, and that always leads to chats of intrigue and finding happy. A connection can be made by meeting someone where they are at and sharing that smile.


Thanks you everyone for giving me so much on this adventure, your support and time is so much appreciated. X