So not that long ago I joined an amazing group of creative women in Ireland called ‘Assembly’. Through that I have been supported and nurtured In my creative endeavours by an amazing group of women.

Part of the ethos of the Assembly Members Community is the empowerment of women from all walks of life and we have committed to get behind projects and initiatives that give us the opportunity to support women in need.

We are delighted to partner with Christian Aid and the ‘Breaking the Barriers’ programme that will support women entrepreneurs in rural parts of Africa and Latin America to build sustainable businesses through solar energy – using the sun and the effects of climate change to build better lives.

This project aims to increase women’s jobs and income in the sustainable energy sector and will be led by local women. Your support will enable them to improve working and living conditions, promote gender equality and strengthen the social status of women in these areas.

We love this model of resilience and willpower and want to stand with these women as they bring about change!

Every £1 raised for this campaign is going to be matched by £5 by the EU which gives enormous scope to see real change on the ground and we would so love your support as we campaign to make this happen!

For this I will jump out of an airplane and believe me even the thought of it is terrifying but there is a strength to be found when you are supporting others. So thank you in advance for helping me do this, I promise I will be brave..

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