Dublin Horse Show 2023

9th-13th August 2023

Born in Dublin, Sarah is a self-taught artist whose life-long passion for horses is reflected in her art.

On moving to Co. Down it became possible for Sarah, with her painting, to find an even more profound way of connecting with her beloved horses, by capturing the spirit and majestic power of the animals on canvas.

As an artist, Sarah tends to rely on instinctual and emotional application of colour, attempting to capture vibrant, fleeting moments, creating a sense that the animal is free. But all of this can only be revealed if the viewer stops for a moment in their time to truly see what lies behind the myriad of colour. A subtle surprise awaits those that give themselves time to focus, and they inevitably smile knowing that they have found a little piece of magic just for them.

Sarah is mother to three inspiring rascals! They provide the colour and chaos that motivates Sarah to follow her dreams and live life with a little bit of magic!

Sarah works from her studio outside Banbridge and has been well received both at home and abroad, her paintings have found homes across Ireland, in Europe, America, Canada, Australia and Dubai.