I was really proud of my stand this year, it made me realise just how much I have learned on this art adventure. My painting time always feels so personal and a time for me to connect with myself and just be Me, but the exhibiting side of this journey is much different. It can be difficult to stand up there in front of your work, it can feel overwhelming but YOU have always made it easy for me by being so supportive. Your smiles and sparkly eyes give me the confidence to stay being myself and enjoy it. There is the odd few looks of disbelief at the amount of colour and dare I say it a few looks of disgust but that too is ok, I’m not for everyone!! But all the reactions are positive in my eyes because like it or not the paintings have made you stop and see with different eyes and that can only be a good thing.
Thank you Dublin 2017 you have been truly epic and as always thank you all who stopped by or purchased Sarah Lennon Art helping me to continue this dream. X